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A few kind words.
From the position of my extensive experience working with Louis, I can attest that he possesses a rare combination of highly refined design skills for both print and web, coupled with solid technical knowledge. He is a dynamic, evolving designer who constantly maintains his skills up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in print and web design. Louis has an appreciation for difficult assignments requiring problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking, and has proven that he can find quality solutions in very challenging projects. Louis is very reliable and responsible, and always meets required deadlines.
Jana Downing
Creative Director - Cabezon Group
I highly recommend Louis as both a designer and a marketing professional. He was always great to work with on both a professional and personal level. Louis is that rare designer who uses both his left and his right hemispheres (which means he can both design and talk about said design in a coherent, marketing-relevant manner - a treat!). Always highly creative, detail-oriented, and on time with projects, Louis also has a much-appreciated sense of humor, critical during mad marketing deadlines!
Melissa Carter
Independent Copywriter, Editor and Ghostwriter
I had had the pleasure of working with Louis while I was Production Director at SMP Communications. During the time we worked together I found Louis to be one of the strongest assets I had at my disposal. His design and creative ability was excellent with an amazing attention to detail and his production and technical proficiency were essential to keeping pace with our workflow and meeting our deadlines. Louis was always enjoyable and easy to work with.
Kevin Mahoney
Production Director - SMP Communications
Louis is a consummate professional with outstanding design abilities. He understands the clients requests and creates designs that look great and are functional.
Jason Porterfield
Project Director - Cabezon Group
I've worked directly with Louis since 2011. Professionally he is a highly skilled web developer, graphic artist and manager. He is always looking to learn new technology, and apply it to current work requirements and projects. He is highly organized, and always makes sure his employees know what to do, and when to do it by. Personally, he is a great person who is always polite and attentive. I would highly recommend him for any employment in the future.
Nicholas Icenroad
IT Leader / Senior Applications Developer
I have been working w/ graphic designers for over 10 years, and I can honestly say the working relationship I have had with Louis Bartrand has been one of the best relationships I have had w/ a graphic designer in my entire career. Louis is responsible, dependable, professional and a great team player. But what stands out in Louis, more than anything, is his abilty to design creative designs with an ``out-of-the-box`` thinking approach. Louis' true strength lies with his ability to receive a design project, and then take it to the next level. If you or your company is seeking a professional designer, save yourself time, and look no further. Louis Bartrand will deliver creative designs with a professional, no hassle approach.
Michelle Fox-Lucas
Hendricks & Partners
Louis is a very talented graphic designer. He is one of the best that I have worked with. His attention to detail is exquisite. His knowledge doesn’t just stop at graphic design either. He is a talented web designer as well.
Steve Mossner
Senior Web Developer - Cabezon Group
Louis has been engaged with my company on several projects over the past 5 years. These projects included the development of logos, marketing collateral and a website. All of the projects exceeded expectations and were conducted in a very professional manner while adhering to cost and time constraints.
Frederic Persi
Apextech, LLC
I highly recommend Louis Bartrand to anyone considering developing a website for their product or service. Louis is dedicated, extraordinarily creative and is an exceptional listener. He takes abstract ideas and turns them into to workable concepts. His eye for detail combined with his graphics background is a real market-distinguisher. Truly one of the best in the industry.
Kelly M. Edens
The Edens Group, LLC